August 8, 2019


Contact:  Michele Even

Phone: 952-277-9114



MAGASOTA Launches: The Largest Network of Minnesota Supporters For Pres. Trump

Prior Lake, Minn. – Today MAGASOTA launched - the largest network of Minnesota Supporters of President Trump.

MAGASOTA is a grassroots effort – unlike any seen before – made up of everyday Minnesotans who are tired of partisan political machines.

President Trump started a Movement of The People in 2016 and nearly won Minnesota. In 2020, he will win Minnesota by a movement of The People! This is a campaign for The People, by The People who support President Trump no matter one’s background or party affiliation.

 “There is a big desire to be a part of President Trump’s movement in Minnesota without having to interact with political entities,” MAGASOTA organizer Michele Even said. “We are Minnesotans that love our country, state, and culture.  We are dedicated to re-electing our President.”

Michele Even is an award-winning activist organizer in Minnesota and has effectively rallied grassroots citizen activist support to effect change. Most recently she led the effort to successfully reinstate the Pledge of Allegiance at St. Louis Park City Council meetings…a move that drew the attention of the President in two separate tweets.

“There is tons of energy in Minnesota yet many feel forgotten by the political elite,” Michele said. “President Trump nearly won Minnesota - not because of any political elite or party, but because of votes from many disenfranchised Republicans, independents, blue-collar Democrats, and the forgotten men and women of the Iron Range.” she continued.  

MAGASOTA will be organizing a massive statewide effort to deliver Minnesota for Trump. “We have our strategic plan in place to do this which has been in the works for a long time. Our energized MAGASOTA team is already making calls and at the direction of our talented and dedicated leadership team.” she concluded. *MAGASOTA is not affiliated with any political party or the RNC-led Trump campaign in Minnesota.

MAGASOTA is a #SwampFreeZone focused solely on the Presidential race in Minnesota. Visit to sign-up to be a part of history in the making!

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